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Regarding Fatal Error on Activation (Update)

Some users are encountering a Fatal Error while trying to activate the plugin. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, that is because PHP is unable to load the php_sockets extension PemFTP needs. Even though this really is the reason why some users are encountering that error, they actually should not be. If there wasn’t a bug in the code that decides which implementation it should choose, it should have fallen back to the pure PHP implementation whenever php_sockets extension is not available. To reproduce this bug, you need to run PHP in Safe Mode and disable the php_sockets installation. Since the bug was in the library that comes with the WordPress by default and none of my testing environments had such configuration, it was hard to spot the cause at the first place. Luckily, I managed to find the bug and opened a ticket to bring this to the attention of Core Developers of WordPress. And today, it is marked for commit which means that WordPress 3.4 will have this bug fixed.

I want to thank everyone who brought this error to my attention on behalf of all WordPress users because you helped fixing a bug that had been there since WordPress 2.5. You guys rock!

Regarding Fatal Error on Activation

Good news everyone, I found the problem. This error only occurs if php_sockets extension is not enabled, as PemFTP needs it to operate.

Please contact your hosting company and tell them to enable php_sockets extension -at least temporarily- to be able to use WordPress Move. Once it is enabled and your web server is restarted, you will be able to activate the plugin.

This is something beyond WordPress Move, so I cannot do anything else about this issue unfortunately.

Thank you all for your interest in WordPress Move!

WordPress Move 1.3

After 2,5 months, I finally released WordPress Move 1.3 yesterday. There are actually so many things I am planning to add but I don’t want to rush and cause a huge mess. I really enjoy developing it and thinking how to make it simpler and easier to use. There are much more capable solutions than WordPress Move but I think most of them (if not all of them) are way more complicated than they should be. I will always do my best to keep WordPress Move a simple, capable and free solution for migration purposes.

Changelog for 1.3

  • Explanation for Change Domain Name is rephrased.
  • Simple and Advanced Migration methods are merged.
  • Meta boxes are added to the migration page.
  • A database backup converter is integrated to convert WordPress-Move-only database backup files to generic SQL files.
  • Backup files to use for restoration can now be selected right on the Restore page.
  • Empty HTML files are added to backup directories to prevent them being listed by people trying to access the directory via their browsers.

WordPress Move Database Backup Converter

If you are a WordPress Move user, than you might probably have tried to use the database backup created by WordPress Move outside the plugin and failed. WordPress Move creates database backups by serializing SQL queries to make parsing it easier so they are not in the plain-text form that you can use outside WordPress Move. Even though this works like a charm, at some point you may need an actual backup of your database which is why I wrote this small script that converts WordPress-Move-only database backups into generic SQL files. You simply put the files you want to convert into the directory called in and run the script to get converted versions of them from the directory called out. I also integrated this script right into the Backup Manager of WordPress Move with the version 1.3 I released yesterday. You can obtain the script from GitHub.

WordPress Move 1.2 (Update)

I have just fixed a non-important, small bug that was causing a “headers already sent” error to be displayed on the Installed Plugins page while activating the plugin for the first time. It was not affecting the functionality of the plugin in any way, so if you already have WordPress Move installed, there is no need to update it (which is the reason why I did not change the version number).

WordPress Move 1.2

I released a new version of WordPress Move, 3 days ago. The biggest difference from the previous versions is not storing the password in the database anymore, for security reasons. You are now prompted to enter your FTP Password right before an FTP connection is being established. Other than this, Migration Assistant now has a new UI to provide more detailed explanations. It is now easier for first-time users to understand what each of these tasks really do. And apart from the bug fixes, the last feature that comes with this release is the ability of creating either a full or a database backup, using Backup Manager. It was already possible to create a full backup using Backup Manager but thought that on many occasions, people would only want to backup their databases. A good way to create a restoration point right before making some risky changes in the database, I think.

There are still lots of features I have in my mind to make WordPress Move a complete all-in-one migration solution. There still is a long way to go but it does not matter as long as you do not stop as Confucius said ;)

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any feature suggestions.

Changelog for 1.2:

  • FTP Passwords are no longer stored in the database, for security reasons. Visit the WordPress Move Settings page after updating the plugin to remove it from the database permanently.
  • It is now possible to create either a full backup or a database backup, using Backup Manager.
  • Fixed another PHP Catchable Fatal Error some people encounter.
  • Plugin is now really able to check whether importing the database backup was successful or not.
  • Explanations on the Migration Assistant page are replaced with more clear ones.
  • Added meta boxes to the Migration Assistant.